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Health, WaSH and Nutrition

A considerable number of rural communities residing in our areas of operation suffer from various communicable diseases caused mainly by hygienic problems. Children and women are the prime victims of these hygienic problems. The overall hygienic situation is extremely poor. Source of water for the majority of the people in the rural areas is unprotected springs and streams. In many of the rural areas, open-field defecation still remains a general rule than an exception. In this regard, the coverage of pit latrine service is below one percent and even the available latrine services are limited to formal institutions like schools, farmers training centers and health institutions. Here, awareness on sanitation and hygiene issues and practices generally appears to have been very low. Even if it exists, old habits usually tend to dominate and preempt the actions and practices of the local people. In these areas thus, practicing of safe sanitation and hygiene is rather notoriously ignored and neglected. We understand that practicing of safe sanitation and hygiene is hardly possible in the absence and/or with limited availability of basic facilities and structural set-ups. In addition, animals and human beings are sharing the same domicile and in almost all instances the magnitude of using soaps in different sanitation aspects is subject to families’ economic status. Over the coming years, HUNDEE’s intervention and major work in this particular area would significantly be limited to the promotion of activities that hugely revolve around awareness creation and mass mobilization.