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The General Assembly

HUNDEE has a three tiers governance structure system with detailed responsibilities to manage the organization.  They are the General Assembly, the Board of Directors and the Management Team. The General Assembly is the Supreme organ of our organization. It approves policies, budgets, annual plans and select external auditors. It is mainly constituted of high level experienced professionals. The General Assembly meets once every year to evaluate performance of the year, approve plan for the subsequent year, approves audit report prepared by external auditor, etc. The General Assembly has its own Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, and a Secretary who and depositing resolution and all the reports to the Charities and societies Agency.

Board of Directors

Much closer to the operation of the organization is the Board of Directors that has overarching authority on the overall operation of the organization. Major policies and guidelines that guide operational matter of the organization are issued and monitored by the Board of Directors. They are elected from members of the General Assembly and are expected to serve for four years, and they can be re-elected for the second time. One board member can serve as a board only for two board period. The Board is expected to meet four times every year to review quarterly performance, both financial and operation. The present Board Members have acceptable mix of expertise, commitment and diversity, and through joint agenda development with the management the Board is required to focus on issues that matter. The basis for the management team and operational guidance.

The Management Team

The management team/the Secretariat is under direct supervision and guidance of the Board. The management team consists of a general manager, department and division heads and other senior staff members.  Collective decision is making is the modus operendi of the management team and strong team sprit underpin major engagement of management team.   Development of various policies and guidelines and their implementation thereof falls within the remit of the management team.

For its field operation HUNDEE follows a decentralized structure where operational matters falls under the authority of the Area Office Managers, but a strict budget control is exercised by head office administration and finance department.  The Area offices are responsible for implementation of programs in collaboration with sector bureaus of the government, and actively participate in development of projects and programs.