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Cross cutting issues


Strategic objective:

Promote gender equality and increase women’s participation in organizational decision making positions and program development and implementation activities

  • Ensure that all HUNDEE systems, policies, procedures, programs, and strategies are harmonized with organizational Gender Policy,
  • Review and facilitate the approval of HUNDEE’s  gender policy
  • Promote internal and external gender mainstreaming at all levels
  • Provided capacity building training for staff and management members on gender frameworks
  • Periodically monitor the implementation of organizational gender policies implementation


Strategic Objective:

Ensure the prevention of HIV/AIDS transmission and those PLWHAs and their families equally participate in and benefit from HUNDEE’s programs and projects.

  • Ensure that HIV/AIDS prevention and control issues are effectively incorporated and addressed in the development, implementation and overall management of projects and programs
  • Ensure a supportive, open and enabling working environment that allow all employees to tackle the issue of HIV/AIDS in their workplace and daily lives
  • Ensure that HUNDEE’s programs and projects are responsive to multiple challenges of HIV.AIDS,
  • Ensure that HIV/AIDS infected and affected person equality and fairly benefit from projects and programs with Zero tolerance to discrimination and stigma to PLWHAs,
  • To actively work with the international motto of Zero Infection, Zero-discrimination and Zero Death) in the work place and community level

Environment and Adaptation to Climate Change:

Strategic objective:

  • Promote critical awareness on the positive interaction between the natural environment and the human population,
  • Ensure that HUNDEE’s program and project contribute to national climate resilient green economy (CRGE) strategies and programs,
  • Engage in modest environment friendly tree seedling production and distributions including fruit trees, fodder plants, etc.
  • Mobilize target communities to engage in sustainable natural resource management and conservation activities,
  • Encourage target communities to practice homestead development with fruit trees, fodder trees, indigenous trees, etc.
  • Promote traditional/indigenous knowledge of natural resource management and adapt them with appropriate scientific methods
  • Provided capacity building support for private and mini-groups nurseries to engage in environmental friendly tree propagation and distribution for plantation by the communities,
  • Promote improved biomass saving stoves and solar panels among the target communities linking to government and private sources